Brass Band Members

Brass Band of the Western Reserve Concert

Brass Band of the Western Reserve

Sunday, January 27th, 3:00 p.m.

Brass Band Members

“We’re forming a band and we’re aiming high!” was the message sent out to local brass players and percussionists in 1997 when it was discovered that the experienced and successful British brass band director, Dr. Keith M. Wilkinson, was residing in north-east Ohio. That these ambitious sentiments have been amply achieved can be judged by the many impressive performances the band has carried out since that time.

The band presents its own Concert Series, five concerts each year, often with guest artists. Additionally BBWR receives several invitations to play at other locations, and any of these are repeat bookings. Prestigious concert venues have included The Amphi-theater, Chautauqua Institution, Hoover Auditorium, Lakeside Chautauqua and Severance Hall, Cleveland. Summer concerts include a July 4th performance, followed by fireworks.

Wherever BBWR performs its audiences are captivated by the wide variety of music presented as well as the band’s ability to impressively perform repertoire ranging from quiet and delicate to strong and powerful. Come to the concert and enjoy great music from a band called by many as the equal to the Canadian Brass and Burning River Brass ensembles.

Tickets at the Door

Adults $12

Students and Seniors $10

First Baptist Members and Friends $8



When Thunder Calls                                                                                                               Lovatt-Cooper

Candide                                                                                                                           Bernstein arr. Wilkinson


Sugar Blues                                                                                                                 Williams arr. Morrison

 Solo Cornet: Andrew Gates

Fantasie Originale                                                                                                 Picchi/Mantia arr. Wilkinson
            Solo Euphonium: Michael Waddell

Rolling Thunder                                                                                                                   Fillmore arr. Wilkinson

Living Power                                                                                                                                    Davoren


A Fanfare Of Praise                                                                                                                         Redhead

Just A Closer Walk With Thee                                                                                                       arr. Geldard

Hymn Of The Highlands                                                                                                                        Sparke

Jazz-Poetry Night Returns!

We Need Poetry Readers!

7:30 PM Friday, February 15, 2019

Yes, we are bringing back the very popular Jazz-Poetry Night to First Baptist. The original format of alternating poetry readings with jazz numbers related to each poem performed by the Demetrius Steinmetz Jazz Trio will be followed again. Goodies will be provided at the event.

This is an opportunity for you to share your favorite poems with an eager and appreciative audience. Up to two poems per person suggested.

So, if you would like to participate, please contact Mike Skerritt through the form below and let him know of your interest and availability as soon as possible.

Send us mail

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gifts You Can Share With Neighbors In Need

The need continues for us all to share with our neighbors. Please plan now on how you can help fill the “GIVING TREE.” Parents and grandparents, here is an opportunity to help your children experience the joy of Christmas through giving. Gifts can be placed under the tree starting November 27th.

Here are ways to spread some Christmas joy.

Fairhill Partners

Grandparents raising grandchildren or in some cases, great-grandchildren will truly appreciate your help in providing Christmas gifts, especially for those with stretched budgets. Have fun being a secret angel for one of these grandparents. Just ask Stephanie FallCreek about this program and the joy your gifts will bring.

What you can give:

Check the poster by the tree and choose a child/name to purchase a gift for. Sign your name on the poster so we know who is shopping for that child. The gift you give needs to be under $20. The poster will give you the name of a child, the age, and a suggested gift. Return your wrapped gift clearly marked with the child’s name to the big box under the tree labeled “FairHill” by Sunday, December 15th.

Family Promises

Parents living at Family Promise will enjoy going to this temporary store, set up in Their activities room, to choose fitting gifts for their children. There will also be an opportunity for kids to shop for their parents. FBC member April Shepard can tell you the excitement she saw when she delivered your gifts last year as the volunteers, staff, and residents were setting up the “store.” Your donations were truly filling a need.

What you can give:

Mittens, multicultural dolls, cars & trucks, board games, card games, art & school supplies, action figures, puzzles, learning toys, nail polish, baby items, bead and jewelry kits and sweaters of all sizes and for parents, gifts of calendars, daily planners, alarm clocks, and umbrellas. Please place your gifts in an open gift bag, marked “Family Promise” and leave it under the tree by Sunday, December 16th.

2100 Lakeside Men’s Shelter

The staff at the men’s shelter has asked for our help in providing socks, shoes, and boots. Please check your closet for gently worn shoes, boots, and coats. Pick up some warm socks at your local discount store. These men are out walking every day in all kinds of weather so let’s all help to keep their feet warm.

What you can give:

New socks and gently worn shoes, boots, and coats can be placed in the box marked 2100 Lakeside by Jan 7th. Also, the men will truly appreciate your donations of clean, washable winter clothing.

Hot Meal Program At Calvary

Our guests coming to the January hot meal will be delighted with your gifts to brighten & warm their day. About 100 attend our meals so we hope that your generosity will make it possible for each guest to be given one item. Tina Marr and others who help serve each month can tell you how each item distributed, no matter how small, is appreciated.

What you can give:

Gloves, warm hats, and socks for men and women, handkerchiefs, ChapStick, soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, and brushes can go in the box marked Calvary by Jan 6th. Toiletries in hotel sizes are acceptable.

Retired Ministers And Missionaries Christmas Offering

Many of these faithful servants worked for very low pay and truly appreciate this bonus gift at this time of year. This bonus check can make it possible for someone to buy a new tire for their car, travel to visit grandchildren or make a needed dental appointment.

What you can give:

You can make your check out to FBC and mark the memo “M & M” or place your contribution in the special envelope provided. This offering will be received through Jan 6th.

Thanksgiving Food Baskets for Families in Need

Thanksgiving Food Drive
May the spirit of Thanksgiving open your heart to share with others. We who have “enough” and even more than “enough” sometimes need to be reminded that there are those right in our own community who do NOT have enough. Fixed incomes, low incomes, unemployed, large families, illnesses, all may cause food emergencies. Please bring your donations of non-perishable foods and share in giving hope and nourishment to those who have little.

Help is needed to achieve our goal in providing food baskets for about 30 families in need this Thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving food collectionDonate Food: collection boxes and baskets will be in the Fairmount Hallway starting Sunday, November 4th for canned fruits and vegetables, cranberry sauce, gravy, soup, pie filling, peanut butter, tuna, spaghetti sauce, boxes of cereal, instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn bread, pasta, rice, Jell-O, pudding, cake mix, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Bisquick, sugar and flour.
  • Donate Money: to purchase turkeys and fresh produce. Make your checks payable to FBC with the memo, “Thanksgiving Food Drive”, no later than November 18th.
  • Volunteer: help pack baskets on Monday, November 19th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in Spahr Center. Sign up to volunteer on the chart in the Spahr Center.
  • Contact: Star at or call the church office at 216-932-7480 if you are eligible for discounts on turkeys or produce.
  • Pray: For the families that will receive our baskets and for people in need of food around the world.

Contact Nancy Wheaton or Fran Leanza with questions through the form below –

Find out more about the Thanksgiving food drive.

FBC Security Logo

Church Security

FBC Security Logo

We now have a new Security Ministry lead by retired police officer Monroe Goins. We have several security measures already in place like lighting, video recording and controlled access to children’s areas but we are always looking to improve. If you have a minute to answer just ten questions it will help us judge how we are doing and what we can do to increase security.

Take the Security Ministry Survey

sensors safety lighting cameras alarms intercom auto on lights


Gospelcise Logo

Gospelcise is a combination of and line dancing and routine aerobics to gospel music with instructor Belinda Haywood. Each dance is paired with a specific song to provide a spiritually uplifting cardio workout. All you need to enjoy this low impact workout is comfortable clothes and a bottle of water. Classes are only $5 each Sunday with no commitment. Get fit and have fun!

Praise Him with dance. Psalm 150:4.

Sundays, 12:10 PM to 1:10 PM

Wheaton Center

First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland
in the Wheaton Center adjacent to the playground
3630 Fairmount Blvd.
Shaker Heights, OH 44118


Exciting, New Display of FBC Fairmount Gallery

Works by Jeff Gordon’s Parents

About the Artists

Duane Gordon and Barbara Loughlin

Duane and Barbara are the parents of FBC’s Associate Pastor, Rev. Jeff Gordon. Be sure to visit the Fairmount Gallery to see this special exhibit!

Duane’s background was in the field of design. He received a degree in Fine Arts from USC, then a graduate degree in Design from Art Center College. He went on to teach at Art Center College and Chouinard Art Institute, both in Los Angeles. Duane then spent 30 years as a commercial artist and founding partner of Studio Artists, a Los Angeles-based design studio. His clients included many of the airlines, and Disney Studios. He was influenced in great part by Edward Hopper and Charles Sheeler, painters of the 20’s and 30’s whose works were largely centered around houses or the forms or shadows that architecture creates.

“I work in an odd medium,” he confessed, “a combination of transparent watercolor and ink drawing. They are half drawings and half paintings, with the majority of the hours dedicated to the drawing.”

The ink and pen work is done last, over the painting. Each piece represents from 20-40 hours of work, and Duane liked to have several concepts going at once. That way he could work according to his mood – sometimes with the fresh excitement of a creative beginning, sometimes with the more tedious etching of the later phase.


Duane and his second wife Kathi were residents of The Sea Ranch – a small community with strict architectural requirements imposed to blend in with the natural landscape of the rugged northern California coast.

When he retired in 1982, they built a house that received an award from Sunset Magazine.

The house design included Duane’s studio, which had large windows looking out into the redwood forest.

Duane participated in many gallery exhibits and art shows all over California as well as in New York and Texas, and won numerous awards. He was one of four judges for the Walt Disney World 18th Annual Festival of the Masters in Florida. Duane passed away in 2013.

Barbara Loughlin was Duane’s first wife. Following their divorce in the early 1960’s, Barbara worked in dental offices in San Diego and for the Lockheed Corporation in southern California.

Barbara was always an excellent seamstress, but turned to quilting mid-life., a hobby that she pursued until just two years ago when advancing age made it impossible for her to continue. Her quilts have been featured in many local art shows in central California – and have been passed on to her children.

Sunburst Quilt (a comment by Jeff)

When I first saw this quilt on the wall of my mom’s apartment, my eyes must have bugged out – I was completely overwhelmed by its beauty and intricacy. The skill required to make this quilt is astounding. I immediately said, “I want this!” in a joking manner, and mom immediately said that she would give it to me at the appropriate time. It’s now a treasured heirloom that graces my bedroom wall. I still frequently find myself looking at it in awe and wonder.”

Steinway Piano

Nostalgic Opportunity

Stephanie D. Price

Welcome Stephanie D. Price!

Stephanie D. Price Family

I am pleased to advise that we have offered the position of Director of Music and Organist to Stephanie D. Price, and she has accepted the position enthusiastically. She is finishing up her tenure at Fairmount Presbyterian Church on September 9 so will begin working with us at our Thursday, September 13 choir rehearsal, and Sunday, September 16 worship service.

She has a Bachelor of Music degree in Organ Performance from Indiana University and a Master of Music degree in Organ Performance from the University of Denver. She also has a Bachelor of Music degree in Double Bass Performance from Indiana University. This top tier of candidates shared very similar musical capabilities and our decision ultimately came down to how her personal warmth, deep spirituality, and common sense would combine with her musical skill to bring that special something to FBC. She is especially interested in developing a Children’s Choir and looks forward to working with the Bell Choir. I think that when you get to know Stephanie it will be obvious to you why she was offered the position.

Upon accepting our offer Stephanie offered the following comments.

“Dear First Baptist Church, I am excited to join the FBC family and serve as the new Director of Music and Organist. I have been serving as Interim Organist at Fairmount Presbyterian this past year. My family and I moved to Cleveland one year ago from Northern Michigan as my husband, Jerrod, accepted an Associate Dean position at the Cleve-land Institute of Music, although my roots are in Texas. We have three energetic children: Elijah, Anna, and Sarah. I look forward to making beautiful music with you!”

When you meet Stephanie at church please be sure to greet her, welcome her, congratulate her on her appointment to the staff of First Baptist.