Unified Worship 10:00 AM every Sunday

First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland is proud to offer a few unique worship styles. Throughout the year, you are welcome to join us for either Contemporary, Traditional or Unified Worship. We are currently practicing unified worship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and while we have enjoyed the opportunity to worship as one body, we look forward to the opportunity to resume our regular Contemporary and Traditional Worship Services.

Our Contemporary Service provides a “come as you are” worship experience led by our Praise Team. In this service we simply ask you to come and worship Christ with your brothers and sisters. With multiple opportunities for individual expression, the Contemporary Service provides a less structured atmosphere while remaining spiritually fulfilling. Prayer within the service is led by Lay Leaders in the congregation. The Pastor shares a sermon as well as an inspirational message to take you into the next week.

Traditional Worship at First Baptist Church is structured in the classic form of liturgical worship. The pastoral staff leads this worship and are aided by congregation members who provide scripture readings and corporate prayer.

Our Unified Services bring together elements of our Contemporary and Traditional Services. This blended style of worship offers us the opportunity to worship together as one church body. These special unified services typically occur in the summer months, holiday weekends, as well as during the coronavirus pandemic.