Victorious Family Praise & Worship Evening

Victorious Worship Service

Many Heights area folks are feeling overwhelmed by the unrelenting political tension and negativity they are exposed to on an almost 24/7 basis, with no letup in sight. Turning off social media, skipping TV news broadcasts, and not reading newspapers, all have mixed results in providing relief. Eating out and watching movies works for some. but worrying about the expense of such an evening often cancels out the benefits.

But there is an alternative!

Michael Ward of First Baptist Church thinks that there is a better way to “enable the positive to be victorious over the negative.”  He is putting together a Family Praise and Worship Evening he is calling VICTORIOUS! for 7:30 PM Wednesday, August 14 in the airconditioned Spahr Center of the First Baptist Church of Greater Cleveland at 3630 Fairmount Boulevard in Shaker Heights.

Open to all families (and individuals) of all ages from all over the Heights area the concert will feature inspirational and uplifting music, all contemporary, performed by the very talented Praise Team and Praise Band under the direction of Brian Kozak, considered by many to be NE Ohio’s most talented guitarist.

Among such songs as “Your Love Awakens Me,” “Oceans,” and “Lord You Are Good,” will be some new music including “Look Up Child” and “Oh, Come to the Altar.”  Instrumental interludes will add spice to the excitement of the evening.

Michael will MC the event, and you may just sit back and enjoy the festivities.  But chances are that Michael will encourage you to sing along, get up and dance if you are so moved, and otherwise let the music push out the negative so the positive will be VICTORIOUS over the negative.

The evening is free and open to the public.  All are welcome regardless of religious affiliations or lack thereof. The concert starts at 7:30 PM but food, provided by members of the Praise Team will be available starting at 6 pm in the beautiful church courtyard.  You are welcome to bring something of your own to share.

Michael thinks that together we can rise above the surrounding chaos.  Singing, dancing, and thanking a higher power for the good things in our lives will make us be VICTORIOUS! over the ongoing hard times!