Sweeny Todd presented by Happy Ending Lyric Players

Sweeney Todd

*We do not pre-cast, all roles are available!*

straight razorPlease prepare 32 bars of a song of a similar style. Be prepared with sheet music. An accompanist will be provided. Those auditioning will be asked to do a cold reading.
Audition Dates:
January 19th 2pm-5pm
January 20th 1pm-4pm
January 21st 7pm-9pm

Callbacks (If Needed)
January 23rd 7pm-9pm

In the original version of the tale, Todd is a barber who dispatches his victims by pulling a lever as they sit in his barber chair. His victims fall backward down a revolving trap door into the basement of his shop, generally causing them to break their necks or skulls. In case they are alive, Todd goes to the basement and “polishes them off” (slitting their throats with his straight razor). In some adaptations, the murdering process is reversed, with Todd slitting his customers’ throats before dispatching them into the basement through the revolving trap door. After Todd has robbed his dead victims of their goods, Mrs. Lovett, his partner in crime (in some later versions, his friend and/or lover), assists him in disposing of the bodies by baking their flesh into meat pies and selling them to the unsuspecting customers of her pie shop. Todd’s barber shop is situated at 152 Fleet Street, London, next to St. Dunstan’s church, and is connected to Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop in nearby Bell Yard by means of an underground passage. In most versions of the story, he and Mrs. Lovett hire an unwitting orphan boy, Tobias Ragg, to serve the pies to customers.

Show Run
March 29th – April 7th, 2019