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Rock of Faith

A transformation of the soul: A journey from addiction to recovery told through secular music.

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The Rock of Faith is a musical journey of the soul. It began as the story of Carole Negus’ personal recovery from addiction and her transformation into a relationship with God.  Today it speaks to the journey of many addicts and alcoholics and the reality of the disease of addiction and how it destroys the heart and soul of a person.  The journey starts in the beginning when using drugs becomes the love of your life and everything seems wonderful until it isn’t anymore. After years of using drugs and alcohol, the disease of addiction takes you into the black hole of hopelessness and despair to a place that you don’t think you can ever get out of. Using the lyric’s from songs like Down in a Hole by Alice and Chains to Demi Lovato’s beautiful rendition of Sober Carole takes the audience into the hole with her and then through the journey as the addict struggles to get their life back. The struggle is real as you feel torn between evil and spiritual enlightenment and then finally into recovery. This show is performed by many talented musicians from the Cleveland area offering their time and talent for a cause that affects almost every family in the country. The music covers many different genres from the 60’s to current classic rock song today so there something for everyone to enjoy.

Today Rock of Faith is a mission at First Baptist Church to help others who are suffering from addiction. We have donated close to $10,000 to various organizations and clubs that help people with addiction. Last year we sent $1,500.00 to the Bainbridge Recovery Center which is a recovery club for anyone struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction.   This facility host many 12 step recovery meetings that people attend to help them recover from their disease. Many young men in our community have received help there. In 2017 we lost over 700 people in Cuyahoga County alone to overdoses from opiates and expect that number to rise significantly in 2017. Our donations in 2018will help support the Walton Recovery House for Women, which is an extension of Stella Maris. Stella Maris has been treating Addiction since 1948 and is one of the oldest and best hopes for a recovery in the Cleveland Area.

Rock of Faith is reaching out to offer help to those in our community who are struggling with addiction. Many of our performers are in recovery themselves and give their time. Please consider a donation to support our mission even if you can’t make it to the concert. If you like classic rock music you will surely enjoy hearing songs from such artists as The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Marvin Gaye, Bruno Mars, The Rolling Stones to name a few. We will also be performing music from the 90’s featuring popular artists such as Shawn Mendez,  U2, and Andy Grammer . There is something for all ages. We hope to have a large turnout each year for this moving and worthy cause.

Sneak Peek at 2017’s Rehearsals

Tickets Available from $10-$20. Proceeds benefit the Walton Women’s Recovery House, an extension of Stella Maris.

  • Adults
  • $20
  • Seniors (65+)
  • $15
  • Students
  • $10