September 26th

Rock of Faith

A transformation of the soul: A journey from addiction to recovery told through secular music.

When the world shut down in March, I found myself hitting a brick wall. Wave after wave of uncertainty washed over me and I found myself struggling for the first time in a long time with my sobriety. I was not alone in my struggle as those in recovery or those who needed help in overcoming addiction lost access to traditional resources due to shut down. With this in mind, a group of talented individuals came together to create an event that would lift up this issue and help individuals connect with the resources they need to either help themselves or someone they love.

This year we have been blessed with a grant to share information about addiction, recovery, and the support systems that are out there for those who are suffering. Rock of Faith: Community Conversations is designed to bring the conversation of addiction and recovery into your home. While these discussions are uncomfortable and sometimes painful, it is important to ensure that we have them. By confronting the uncomfortable we can move forward together in the hope of eradicating the disease of addiction. It is a disease that affects every race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, economic status, education level, political affiliation, and to a certain extent age. With community partners, addiction experts, and a variety of panelists and performers; you can be sure that you will begin to fill your toolbox with the things you need to begin the conversation.

Rock of Faith: Community Conversations is a 4-part series of live virtual events geared toward answering 4 questions. All of the virtual events will be available through the First Baptist Church YouTube Channel.

How Will I Know?

Join addiction professionals Dr. Parran, Dr. Psarras, and Carole Negus as they discuss the various signs and symptoms of opioid use disorder. Learn how to tell if your loved one needs help and the staggering truth behind the disease of addiction. > Watch Now

How Can I Help?

Tune in for a candid conversation with Pastor Kregg and Youth Director, Ship Collins, as they explore the role the church plays in supporting those in recovery. Also, learn about a life-saving method called Naloxone and how parents can positively engage with their children in difficult topics.  > Watch Now

Where Can I Go?

Be empowered knowing you are not alone, and help is available to anyone who wants it! Listen to the stories of various peer supporters who have claimed victory over their addiction and continue to THRIVE! The team provides options of support and treatment through the journey of recovery.  > Watch Now

Am I Restored?

ABSOLUTELY! Celebrate the story of redemption through music and testimony at our annual Rock of Faith Concert. This virtual experience will highlight the gift of recovery to families nationwide! Each selection varies in genre, intertwining to depict the pain of addiction and the transformation of recovery. > Watch Now


We hope that you join us for one or all of the 4-part series! Throughout the month-long event there will be special pop-ups so stayed tuned for more details!

A SPECIAL NOTE FOR THE ROCK OF FAITH CONCERT: Typically, our Rock of Faith Concert gives a monetary gift to a recovery center in Northeast Ohio. The grant we have been awarded for this program has allowed us to support the educational efforts and outreach of the organizations. For that, we are extremely grateful. Due to this grant support, we have decided to use the virtual concert to not only raise funds for local addiction recovery organizations but also to gift to our musicians. Due to the pandemic, they have been unable to work as live music venues have been shut down and most have not reopened. Our band has been dedicated to this program for the past decade and we could not do it without them. We humbly ask that you consider donating to the Rock of Faith in support of our musicians and community partners! Rock on!