Nostalgic Opportunity

Great music doesn’t just happen. It takes talent and dedication. We had great music with Bob Schneider because of his talent and dedication, and because he was able to motivate many of us to want to make great music as well. We are so grateful for that!

But for Bob, making great music also depended on having exceptional musical instruments. Many of you will remember the work that went into renovating and upgrading our Austin-Schlicker organ in the 90’s, all under Bob’s watchful eye. What you may not know is that Bob was every bit as demanding of excellent quality in his personal piano and harpsichord.

Joaquin is not a musician, so he would like to make Bob’s piano and harpsichord available for sale to a good home, to folks who would love them.

The Steinway Model O piano Bob purchased several years ago for $5,500 (baby grand piano) was completely renovated and refinished in 1998 at a cost of $7,883, a total investment of approximately $13,383. Joaquin would entertain an offer of around half that amount.

Bob had a beautiful Cucchiara French Double Manual Harpsichord built for himself by Philip M. Cucchiara, master craftsman, in 2006 for $23,000. It is an artistically beautiful instrument as well as being capable of producing beautiful music. In this case, Joaquin would also consider an offer of half the original cost.

My first thought was that I would like to have one of these instruments just because they were Bob’s. You may feel that way as well.

Or you might be interested in joining with a few others to purchase one of the instruments to donate to FBC. We have many pianos, but I suspect that Bob’s Steinway is of better quality than one or more of the ones we have. I know the Cucchiara harpsichord would be an asset to the church.

A couple of people have already offered to donate money to this cause. If you are interested individually or collectively in buying one of these instruments, please contact me through the form below. If you are not personally interested but know of someone who might be, please forward that information to me as well.

Mike Skerritt

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