Preserving Robert Schneider’s Legacy at First Baptist 

Thanks to the generosity of Joaquin DosReis, Bruce and Katie Schneider; the leadership gift by Olney and Gail Dekker; and the many financial donations by Meredeth Shelley, Tina Marr, Charie Babcock, Carole and John Negus, Stephanie and Jerrod Price, Angela Zawada, and Pam Schneider, Bob’s personal and magnificently restored Steinway piano is now permanently ensconced in the Choir Room at First Baptist! And special thanks for Max Bunker for coordinating the move with Joaquin, Bruce and Katie. (If I missed anyone’s name, I apologize. Please know that we thank you just the same!).

Per arrangements by Jeff Gordon the move was made December 28 in three steps. 1. Move Bob’s piano from his home to the church. 2. Move the old choir room piano to Fellowship Hall. 3. Move the old piano from Fellowship Hall to Brian Kozak’s home. Everything went very smoothly thanks to the excellent movers Jeff lined up. And the piano was there for a delighted and deeply moved Chancel Choir on Sunday, December 30.

We have made it known to Joaquin, Bruce and Katie that they are welcome to visit and see the piano any time they want. When they are here please be sure to thank them for their generosity. Our lives have become intertwined through our relationship with Bob, so we want them to feel that they are a part of this great church community. You are welcome to stop in and see Bob’s piano as well.

There are copies of the CD made at Bob’s Memorial Service April 7, 2018. The service, attended by an estimated 700 people included music and testimonials by folks who worked with and admired Bob over the course of his long career in music. Performances included music by the Shaker Heights High School A Cappella Choir, a group Bob loved and devel-oped over his 21 years at Shaker. Some of the best organists in Ohio including Todd Wilson of the Cleveland Orchestra played inspirational and complex pieces on the Skerritt-Cumming organ Bob was instrumental in designing. The CD included insightful comments by Bob’s immediate family, and others who knew and worked with him over the years. If you are interested in the CD contact Mike Skerritt through the form below.

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