Christmas Mitten Tree Project

mitten treeThe Christmas Mitten Tree is up in the Fairmount Hall to help remind us of the five local agencies that we are helping this Christmas. You, our giving congregation, have helped us get started on our giving. We have been able to send a generous check to the Cleveland Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside. This will help with their urgent need of providing bus passes for men traveling the city for job interviews and yes to jobs.
Another check has been sent to Fairhill Partners to help grandparents raising grandchildren give Christmas gifts to their grandchildren. The executive director at Fairhill, our own member, Stephanie FallCreek told me that their need to help more families keeps going up and up, she is most appreciative of this support. Now we need your help in the following ways.

  1. The Men’s shelter at 2100 Lakeside is in need of used winter clothing including shoes, boots, and socks. I am sure that every man sitting here today or watching online at home could find 1 or 2 items in their closet that they have not worn in a couple of years. Your donations will be appreciated by the guys at the shelter.
  2. Global Cleveland is the umbrella organization in town coordinating the many refugees coming to North East Ohio. We have all seen pictures in the news of the horrific living conditions in refugee camps In speaking with staff at Global Cleveland I was told that currently, a major need is household items to help people set up an apartment. Such things as, brooms, dustpans, wastebaskets, sponges, dish towels, kitchen utensils are all needed. You will find a box under the mitten tree for your donations.
  3. The Hot meal program at Calvary Church at 79th & Euclid has been an outreach program for us for many years. For the last several years it has been under the expert leadership of Tina Marr. It has become a tradition now that at the January meal, in addition to the dinner, a little gift bag is
    given to each guest. You can help with this by donating socks and toiletries items such as bars of soap, toothpaste, lotion, etc. There is a box under the mitten tree for your gifts.
  4. Family Promise of Cleveland is a family shelter. They will appreciate your donation of mittens, hats & gloves. When you are out shopping, it will be appreciated if you can pick up a pair of mittens or a warm cap. When you come to church just hang them on the mitten tree and we will see that they are delivered.
  5. R.M.& M. offering. This is an offering taken each December that gives a bonus financial gift to our American Baptist retired Missionaries and Ministers each year. Many of these men & women spent their whole career on a foreign mission assignment and many served as a pastor of a small
    church where their income was limited. Getting this yearly bonus can mean getting new tires for their car, a hearing aide, or a trip to see family. Your check with R.M.&.M. in the memo will be gratefully received.

Your Mitten Tree gifts and donations will be received until Monday, January 3rd.