Tower Tidings

email symbolWhen we mail you the paper copy of the Tower Tidings, do you read through it, post it on the refrigerator, curl up under the covers to read it with a flashlight? If so Great!!! If you receive it and it goes in the pile to read but you never get to it, you place it in the bottom of the bird cage or you file it in the circular bin as soon as it arrives because you read it on the web site on your phone, tablet or computer, let us know.

Tower Tidings is available on the website as soon as it is created, sometimes a week to ten days before it arrives in your mailbox. We announce it through the weekly update email. The digital online version also has clickable links, as you read through it and see a link, click on it and be magically transported to that web page. You can also enter your email address below to have a PDF copy emailed to you when it is finalized.

planting a treeHelp us save up to $3600 a year, lower our footprint on the environment and be the first to know with all of the other kool kids!

Send us an email to get your Tower Tidings digitally and save the cost of printing and postage.

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