Our classes are Christ-Centered.  Grow Spiritually with unique classes, group participation, explore the Bible in ways that lead to a growing relationship with God. Ask questions and get the answers, dive deeper, as we explore the Bible with a purpose and plan to ensure that you are fully equipped to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have in Christ. Learn how to use spiritual tools that will enrich your spiritual foundation.

Sunday classes will start after the first service at 10:10 AM which allows everybody to attend either the contemporary service before or the traditional service afterward.

COVID-19 Update

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Wednesdays in the Word


Wednesday Classes

Dance Stand Run

Dance, Stand, Run (Women’s Group)
by Jess Connolly
Led by Martha Lant, Sandra Alexander-Haynes, Tobili Sam Yellowe, and Charmie Scott

As daughters of God, let’s come together to discuss our relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The author of this study, Jess Connolly, writes, Dance, Stand, and Run is an invitation to step into the movements of abundant life, dancing in grace, standing firm in holiness, and running on mission. Let’s spur one another on as we develop a deeper understanding of the outcomes of true grace, the implications of standing our Holy ground in the world, and accepting our mission from God. This Bible study is indeed for women who by the grace of God long to change the world rather than to be changed by the world. Please join us in this life-shifting discussion which will leave you eager to dance, stand, and run in your purpose on earth for the glory of God.

No More Excuses

No More Excuses: Be The Man God Made You To Be (Men’s Group)
by Tony Evans
Led by Eddie Wills

Sometimes trials and circumstances make it challenging for men to be all God has called them to be. In this powerful perspective-changing Bible study, Tony Evans encourages men to stop looking at their setbacks, hardships, and failures as excuses and instead to view them as opportunities for success. As stated by Dr. Evans, this Bible study will help you fight for purpose and meaning in your life. Also, this study will help you learn to lead with strength and godliness. Furthermore, it will help you learn to overcome obstacles on the path to spiritual growth.

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