Our classes are Christ Centered.  Grow Spiritually with unique classes, group participation, explore the Bible in ways that lead to a growing relationship with God. Ask questions and get the answers, dive deeper, as we explore the Bible with a purpose and plan to ensure that you are fully equipped to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have in Christ. Learn how to use spiritual tools that will enrich your spiritual foundation.

Sunday classes will start after the first service about 10:15 AM which allows everybody to attend either the contemporary service before or the traditional service afterward. Most evening classes will start at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays.

Beginning In September

Anxious for NothingAnxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World

(6 sessions) Max Lucado, examines Philippians 4:4–8 to show how we can be anxious for nothing and discover true peace from God that surpasses human understanding (9/2 – 10/7 in the Fireside Room)

40 Days in the Word40 Days in the Word

(6 sessions) This will inspire you to Love the Word, Learn the Word and Live the Word! This is a journey of eternal significance, as you will learn how to be not only “hearers” of the Word, but also “doers” of God’s Word (9/16-10/21 in the Livingstone Room)

The Grace AwakeningThe Grace Awakening

(12 Sessions) This study will bring you deeper into a transformational understanding of God’s grace. Filled with questions, exercises, personal applications, journaling ideas, and scriptures to explore, Charles Swindoll teaches you how to start living a grace-filled life. (9/16 -12/2 @10:10 AM in the Montgomery Room)

Bible Prophecy

(Monday Evening Class)

(6 sessions) This is a Biblical Prophecy up to the time of Christ (looking at how Jesus fulfilled Biblical prophecy- how it works as a test case.) – Biblical Prophecy over the history of the church (to the modern era) – The Millennial Question (Pre- Post or Amillennialism) Dispensationalism – Daniel’s Vision of 70 weeks (Dan 9) and other Old Testament Prophecies- -Unlocking Revelations- series of 3’s – Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls. – Unlocking Revelations – part 2 tied to the teaching of Christ – Modern Israel and its role in prophecy (current events) (9/17 -10/29)

EntrustedEntrusted – Women’s Bible Study
(6 sessions) Final words can be compelling. In Paul’s final letter, he charged Timothy, his beloved son in the faith, to not be ashamed to fulfill God’s call on his life. Beth Moore challenges you to do the same. (9/19 -10/24)

Beginning In October

5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith
(6 Sessions) Your faith matters to God! Imagine how differently you would respond to life if you knew with unshakeable confidence that God was with you. Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith is an exciting Andy Stanley that establishes the biblical case for five things God uses to grow BIG faith. (10/14-11/18  Sundays @10:10 AM in the Fireside Room)

Cultures in Conflict Discovery GuideCultures in Conflict Discovery Guide
(5 Sessions) This digs deeper with Scripture passages, discussion questions, sidebars, maps, and other study tools. The culture in Corinth conflicted greatly with the lifestyle that the Apostle Paul proclaimed to those who chose to follow Jesus. In the same way, we are called to proclaim the gospel in every environment, showing the world what it looks like when we give our lives to Jesus. (10/28-11/25 Sundays @10:10 AM in the Livingstone Room)

(7 Sessions) What is Heaven really going to be like? What will we look like? What will we do? Will there be marriage? Will Heaven get boring after a while? We all have questions about Heaven, and now after 25 years of research, Dr. Randy Alcorn has answers based on Biblical truths. (10/28-12/9 Sundays @10:10 AM in the Judson Room)

Beginning In November

(6 Sessions) The Bible says, “Rejoice, again I say rejoice!” So why are Christians perceived as joyless and judgmental? Challenging the notion that God wants us to be holy and not happy, Alcorn draws on Scripture to dispel centuries of misconceptions and provide evidence that God not only wants us to experience contentment, delight, and peace—he commands it! (11/25-12/30 Sundays @10:10 AM in the Fireside Room)

Beginning in January

Unshakable HopeUnshakeable Hope
(12 sessions) In a world saturated with information, amusement, and recreation, people are starving for hope! Lucado helps you overcome difficult circumstances, gain inner peace, build resolve, and envision a better future as he explores 12 biblical promises and reassures you that “Your Prayers Have Power,” “Joy Is Soon Coming,” “Justice Will Prevail,” and more. (1/6 in the Fireside Room)

Holy BibleStudying & Reading Through the Bible
(Ongoing) Genesis-Revelation
Old Testament (1/6 in the Livingstone Room)

Everybody AlwaysEverybody Always
(5 Sessions) What happens when we stop worrying about difficult people and simply love them? A revolution! In this follow-up to his best-selling Love Does, Goff shares how he learned to accept others without inhibition, insecurity, and restriction—including when he befriended a Ugandan witch doctor. Discover how a no-limits embrace of everybody can transform the world (1/6 in the Montgomery Room)

What on Earth Am I Here For?What on Earth Am I Here For?
(Wednesday Evening Class – 6 Sessions) A fresh look at The Purpose-Driven Life! In this expanded edition, Rick Warren uncovers the spiritual principles behind his award-winning bestseller, offering guidelines that will focus your energy, simplify your decisions, give your life meaning—and prepare you for eternity. Includes two new chapters (1/6)