Alona Miller – Artist

An exciting new art exhibit was installed in our Fairmount Hall Gallery. You won’t want to miss this dynamic display of one of our own member’s artistic talent, a talent that is already recognized in artistic circles as being exceptional. It will be the work of our own Alona Miller!

You may not have ever seen any of Alona’s artwork, but you have probably seen her playing her guitar during the offertory of some of our church services. This merely demonstrates that artistic interest and talent don’t have to be limited to one discipline. If you are interested in and have some capability in more than one artistic endeavor, why not try them all. And that’s what Alona has done. And we’re glad she has!

Here is Alona’s Artist’s Statement.
“There’s less to a portrait that meets the eye, and more”
Teju Cole (2018)
Often when we view a painting, we like to get into the mind of the artist. We assume that every brushstroke is purposeful, every color has a meaning, the created image is a window into the artist’s emotions. We are guilty of imposing ideas onto every piece of visual content that we come across. We observe, hoping there is a hidden purpose, a greater meaning to the worka greater meaning of the world.

Instead, I come to the canvas with my imagination unrestrained, my ideas unplanned. The resulting simplicity of my artwork juxtaposes the complete chaos going on in my mind during my high school career. It was at this time when my pieces were created.

Many people missed the obvious as the ordinariness of my humanity became superimposed over the perhaps unnoticeable fragility of my mental state. I sought the luminosity of color to undermine the darkness of my unrelenting anxiety and depression. It felt as if the only control I had were the strokes of my pencil or whatever medium of my choice. My artwork is to be encountered, replicating the small shreds of beauty that I found in my everyday routine, which motivated my will to live.

We analyze art with the idea that things are not always what they seem. In some cases, this is true. But more often than not, we get caught up in the small details and miss the blatant truth lying on the surface. Whatever features are drawn in my paintings should be taken for what they are. My canvases should be approached without preconceptions so as to allow each viewer to evoke their own experience with the images. Unbound from the constraints of interpretation, my works are the embodiment of self-expressionthe pathway that I found to psychological freedom.

-Alona Miller, 2021

A 2021 graduate of Shaker Heights High School Alona Miller was the Visuals Managing Editor alongside David Vahey of the award-winning Shaker Heights High School student news organization, visually representing and enhancing stories through her ideas and illustrations. She also enjoys sketching and painting in her free time.

And for her musical interest and ability, Alona, a guitar student during high school of our own Brian Kozak, was a part of the Cleveland Bella Corda guitar ensemble. Those lessons are temporarily on hold while Alona attends New York University, a major to be determined.

WE welcome Alona Miller to the FBC Fairmount Hall Gallery!