In Case of Fire Pull Fire Alarm or Dial 911

Use stairs, do NOT use elevators. Fire Alarm boxes are near most entrances and any can be pulled to activate the signal. This alerts the Fire Department and others in the building of the fire. Look for emergency exits marked with the lighted red EXIT signs. These exits are marked on the map with a green exit symbol.  Fire extinguishers are located in kitchens, most stairwells, and several locations marked on the map with a red fire extinguisher. 


For Medical Emergencies Dial 911

In case of a Heart Attack, a defibrillator is located on the wall outside of the church office in Fairmont Hall. Marked on the map with a white heart on a green square.  First Aid Kits containing basic medical supplies are available in locations on the map marked with the blue medical symbol. 


In Case of Tornado

Go to the basement or the first floor to an area that has no windows. The men’s and women’s restrooms in the basement have no exterior windows. The area in the rear of the sanctuary and front of the sanctuary in hallways to the left and right have no exterior windows.


In Case of Shooting Dial 911

Lock doors and shelter in place if you are in a room with a solid door. Otherwise, make your way to one of these rooms that are marked on the map with a blue police symbol.


In Case of Pipe Leaks Call Jeff Gordon

Most sinks in the restrooms and kitchens have shut off valves for hot and cold water are located under the sink. Turn the valve counter-clockwise to turn the water off. Many of the radiators have a valve on top that turns off the water to that radiator.

Download a LARGE map then zoom in on a mobile device.

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