Performance is usually in late September

Rock of Faith

A transformation of the soul: A journey from addiction to recovery told through secular music.

This concert is usually late in Septembereach year. The Rock of Faith is a musical journey of the soul. It began as the story of Carole Negus’ personal recovery from addiction and her transformation into a relationship with God. She uses music to tell the story of the chains of darkness of a life of addiction. Using the lyric’s from Bonnie Raitt’s song Guilty “You know how it is with me Baby, You know I just can’t stand myself. It takes a whole lot of medicine for me to pretend that I’m somebody else”. Carole explains the depths of despair that a person experiences when they are in the middle of their addiction. She also uses music to describe the phases of recovery. The struggle is real as you feel torn between evil and spiritual enlightenment. For the addict, recovery is realized when, “I can see clearly now that rain is gone. All of the bad feelings have disappeared. Gone are the dark clouds that had me down, It’s gonna be a bright bright sun shiny day.”

Today Rock of Faith is a mission at First Baptist Church to help others who are suffering from addiction. We have donated close to $10,000 to various organizations and clubs that help people with addiction. Last year we sent $1,500.00 to the Lantern which is a recovery house for men. Many young men in our community have received help there. Last year the Lantern opened a new unit and were in need of mattresses for the new beds and our donation helped to purchase the mattresses. Our focus over the past few years has been to help those suffering from heroin addiction because it has become an epidemic in this country. In 2016 we lost over 600 people in Cuyahoga County alone to overdoses from opiates and expect that number to rise significantly in 2017. Ours donations in 2017 will help support the Bainbridge Recovery Center, who host over twenty meetings for alcoholics, cocaine and opiate addicts. They also provide space to New Directions whose focus is on adolescents in recovery. They are funded solely by donations and help a lot of people.

Rock of Faith is reaching out to offer help to those in our community who are struggling with addiction. Many of our performers are in recovery themselves and give their time. Please consider a donation to support our mission even if you can’t make it to the concert. If you like classic rock music you will surely enjoy hearing songs from such artists as James Taylor, Peter Frampton, Steely Dan, Kansas, The Rolling Stones to name a few. We will also be performing music from the 90’s featuring popular artists such as Adele, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Amy Winehouse. There is something for all ages. We hope to have a large turnout each year for this moving and worthy cause.

Sneak Peek at 2017’s Rehearsals

Tickets Available from $10-$20. Proceeds benefit the Bainbridge Recovery Center.

  • Adults
  • $20
  • Seniors (65+)
  • $15
  • Students
  • $10