The Bible encourages Christians to “study to show yourselves approved.” Just because you happen to be an adult does not mean you cannot continue to learn. Discipleship is a lifelong process – and these class offerings will help you grow in your faith and understanding of God’s word and plan for your life.

Here are the classes that are currently meeting:

Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday — 8:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m.

The Armor of God (1/21 -3/4) – 7 weeks – 10:45 am – Fireside Rm.

All day, every day, an invisible war rages around you. A cunning, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you – your emotions, your mind, your family, your future. But…when the enemy meets a servant dressed for the occasion, he fails miserably. Join Priscilla Shirer in a 7-session Bible study that will challenge you to suit up, stand firm, and secure victory in your life.

Aha: The God Moments (1/14 -2/18) – 6 weeks – 10:45 am – Judson Rm.

Are there places in your life where you would like to experience an aha! moment? A moment of truth that renews your heart and mind bringing transformation? Maybe for you, it’s a fear or a failure that you just can’t shake. For some, it could be the need for approval, a food addiction, or an all-out rebellion that leads to a life of excess and shame, like the prodigal son.

Spiritual Gifts Class (1/14 – 3/4) – 8 weeks – 10:45 am – Livingstone Rm.

Every Christian is given at least one spiritual gift with which to serve the Lord and build up the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:7).But many believers neglect this special empowerment of the Spirit. This class will identify and confirm your spiritual gifts, it also assists with giving insight on ways to use your gifts.

Unashamed (1/14 -2/11) – 5 weeks – 9:00 am (mini-early) – Livingstone Rm.

Shame tends to wrap itself around our hearts like a net that can be hard to untangle. Wounds from childhood such as bullying, abuse, or divorce wreak havoc on our souls. But you can break free from these traps by clinging to God’s truth, dropping the baggage and living your destiny to the fullest. In Unashamed, Christine Caine shares that, in order to change the future, you must believe that God is bigger than your mistakes, inadequacies, past, and limitations. As one who has been there, she helps women find freedom from believing they are fundamentally flawed and unworthy of acceptance and prepares them to step into their future, confident, dearly loved, created for a divine purpose, and empowered to be shame-lifters for others.

Prayer does it make a difference (1/14 -2/18) – 6 weeks – 9:45 am – Fireside Rm.

In theory, prayer is the priceless point of contact between us and God. In practice, it’s often frustrating, confusing, and mysterious. Yancey explores this enigmatic intersection where we meet God, asking—and answering—key questions: Is he listening? What’s the point? Can prayer be more satisfying? Does it change his mind? My mind? Or both?

The Christian Education Department enjoys connecting to your Christian Faith through LEARNING

Eastside Ministry Class

This class is specially designed for adults with developmental disabilities.  Led by a core of committed volunteers, students participate in the 11:00 a.m. traditional worship service until sermon time, and then attend their own lesson in the Montgomery Room.

Formal Prayer Meeting

There is a formal prayer meeting open to all at 8:45 a.m. (or 45 mins before the first service if service times change). It meets in the Fireside Room. There is also Intercessor Prayer Wednesday evening.